Our Principle


Embrace continuous exploration and innovation in technology. Experimentation fuels fresh approaches and exceptional results. Encourage team exploration, adaptability, and continuous improvement. Achieve exponential efficiency through relentless testing and research, delivering accelerated value to clients.

Our Mission


Our mission is to revolutionise the digital landscape by serving as a powerhouse for digital products.

We strive to be at the forefront of innovation, delivering lightweight, modular, and scalable solutions for those individuals and businesses seeking transformative digital experiences.

Our Values

Be Curious

Our work involves uncertainty and potential changes in direction. We are open to quickly adapt, adjust strategies, and explore different approaches in order to achieve optimal results.

Be Flexible

We foster curiosity as the driving force behind experimentation. We are motivated to discover new solutions, test innovative ideas, and learn from each experience.

Keep Learning

We value ongoing learning as a result of experimentation. We seize every opportunity to acquire new knowledge, develop skills, and improve our performance.

Ways of Work

01. Process

Processes are there to keep us from derailing and from missing something important due to impatience. There is always time to stay on course.

02. Research

Take the time to thoroughly understand the problem you are trying to solve before jumping into solutionising. Gather requirements, analyse existing processes, identify pain points, check the competition, and collect all possible qualitative and quantitative data to ensure that you make informed decisions.

03. Start small

Begin with smaller, manageable projects. This allows for faster implementation, learning, and adjustment based on feedback.

04. Automate

Focus on what processes can be automated from the beginning. Reduce to the minimum the number of manual tasks for you and your users and allow them to focus on what is really important for them.

05. Scale

Design solutions with scalability in mind from the start. Consider future growth and potential changes in requirements. Scalability ensures that the solution can handle increasing volumes of data or tasks without major modifications.

06. Be Agile

We use Agile methodologies to enhance collaboration, flexibility, and continuous improvement. Break down projects into smaller tasks, prioritize them, and deliver incremental value.

07. Test+validate

Implement robust testing and validation processes. Verify the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of automated tasks through comprehensive testing and user acceptance.

08. Reuse

Develop and maintain a repository of reusable components, modules, or scripts that can be easily integrated into various automation projects. This saves time and effort while ensuring consistency across different solutions.

09. Measure

Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the effectiveness and efficiency of automation solutions. Regularly monitor and analyse metrics to identify areas for improvement and optimise processes.

10. Share

Create comprehensive documentation and share knowledge within the team and wider community.
This ensures that the insights gained from our projects are captured, enabling efficient knowledge transfer and empowering others to benefit from previous experiences.